Strong Green Coffee beans extract, boosts energy, supports metabolism. It’s instant (decaffeinated and unroasted) easy to use: Just dissolve in boiling water and consume.

Green Coffee 20’s Sachets

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This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Qualities: Natural, Decaffeinated & Unroasted Green Coffee Beans Extract, Safe Using Ingredients It’s Instant, Nice Aroma & Easy to Use.
  • Features: Effective for Weight Loss, Boosts Energy, Supports Metabolism, Regulates food craving, Maintaining blood pressure, Contains Anti-oxidants, Anti-aging effects and regulating sugar level. (Effective for both men and women)
  • How To Make: Take the sachet and empty it in 120 ml. Hot or Cold Water. No added sugar, milk or preservatives needed. Just Stir it and enjoy the aromatic, delicious cup of Home-Made Green Coffee.
  • Certified: Greenbrrew Green Coffee Is Certified Of Food and Safety Standards (FSSAI), DAC, HALAL & ISO APPROVED & A Part of Indian Coffee Board.
  • Storage: 18 Months.

Strong Green Coffee

Green Coffee Extract (“PL-AAA”), Lacto Bacillus Coagulans (PROBIOTICS)

Empty the contents of a sachet in 120 ML hot boiling water. Mix and Stir. Serve. (Can also be served Chilled)

6 reviews for Strong Green Coffee 20’s Sachets

  1. Sushil Garg

    Feeling better and energetic after drinking that product.

  2. Sunil Nair

    It is very effective than the other coffee and i really love that product.

  3. Raju Khurana

    Awsome Product for our health and i really love this taste .

  4. Raghav Khanna

    It is really very healthy product and I like this taste .

  5. Prakash Kapoor

    Greenbrrew coffee is very helpful not only for weight but also for healthy lifestyle .This product reduced my weight upto 5 kg.

  6. Puneet Sharma

    It is really a good product and I like this product .

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