About Us

Greenbrrew is a modern and advanced new concept in order to improve people’s health and their lifestyle. Greenbrrew is not just any ordinary drink or a beverage because it is 100% unroasted Green Arabica green coffee beans which has taken its birth from organic farming. Though it can be consumed as any other ordinary coffee but it definitely shows positive effects on our body.

Greenbrrew contains a negligible amount of caffeine which makes it beneficial for Reducing weight, Boosting up energy, Naturally Detoxifies impurities, supports metabolism, Appetite Suppressant, Contains Antioxidants, Reduces Cravings and most surprisingly it has Anti-Ageing effects.

  It’s use is simple and easy to brew, it will hardly take two min to prepare Greenbrrew

Why Greenbrrew is different than other green coffees because most coffees are robusta coffees which don’t have the ability to reduce weight. But shockingly, roasted coffees lose 70 percent of its usefulness which also surprisingly lost its ability to reduce weight.

With just the introduction of Greenbrrew, it has gaining so much of popularity. The product has gathered the enough attention of the customers and reached end customers very rapidly. Greenbrrew was applauded at Gulfood 2017 Dubai, Thaifex Bangkok, Tea and Coffee Expo 2016 Mumbai, ITPO Delhi 2016, Khadya Khurak Gujarat 2017 and at Aahar Delhi 2017. Our supply chain is effectively growing and the journey still continues all over the India.

Greenbrrew has its own standard, certified and Trade Mark protected, FSSAI, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 22000-2005, DAC Certified & Halal certified which ensures safety and quality in one go.

We have covered almost all states of India and internationally in U.A.E, Philippines. We have our esteemed presence on the online platform such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Rediff, Healthkart, Shopclues etc.

Greenbrrew, within just a few months of its launch the product has gathered a great traction among the customers and we are even outsourcing our product in a Coffee chain brand like BARISTA. We are highly professional; customer oriented and gives more privilege to customer satisfaction.