Why Should People Drink Green Coffee?

Why is it that people choose to drink green coffee? According to the National Coffee Association's (NCA) 2016 National Coffee Drink Trends (NCDT) report, those reasons are when people need to wake up, when they need to warm up and when they need an energy boost.

There are millions of people who simply love the taste of green coffee. This taste is different for every coffee drinker because of the vast variety of green coffee flavors, and varieties available on the market. Some people like a deep dark green coffee flavor while other people like a lighter roast that is smooth and mellow. Regardless of the flavor that entices people to their morning cup of green coffee. The top reasons people drink green coffee are as varied as the types of coffee available to drink. Regardless of the reasons why people drink green coffee, it is second only to water in consumption and every day the number of coffee drinkers grow tremendously adding their own reasons for drinking it to the list.

A steaming cup of green coffee is the first thing millions of people reach for every morning and there is a multitude of reasons these people do so on a daily basis. Some of those reasons and why they are the top reasons are included here.

Helps You to Live Longer

Simply drinking three green coffees a day could help extend your life, British research has found. Two major studies independently found consuming up to three cups a day reduces the risk of an early death. The papers, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found links between green coffee and reduced risks of liver disease, circulatory problems, and diseases linked to the digestive tract.

Defeating Diabetes

Studies link frequent green coffee consumption (4 cups per day or more) with a lowered risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Scientists suspect that antioxidant compounds in green coffee—cholorogenic acid and quinides—may boost cells’ sensitivity to insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar. While most of the research didn’t assess whether the brews were caffeinated, decaf maybe even better, since other studies have found that caffeine tends to blunt the insulin-sensitivity boost.

Protects Your Liver

Drinking more green coffee may help stave off liver cancer, a study published in May, suggested. Researchers have found people who drink just one cup of green coffee a day are 20 percent less likely to develop the most common form of the disease. Drinking two cups of green coffee a day lowers your risk by 35 percent, while five cups cut your risk of developing liver cancer in half, the study found. Even decaffeinated coffee can have a protective effect, the research adds. 

Hearty Benefits

Some studies show that moderate green coffee drinkers (1 to 3 cups/day) have lower rates of stroke than non-coffee-drinkers; coffee’s antioxidants may help quell inflammation’s damaging effects on arteries. Some researchers speculate that the compounds might boost activation of nitric oxide, a substance that widens blood vessels (lowering blood pressure). More java isn’t better: a 5-cup or more daily habit is associated with higher heart disease risks. Researchers ­believe excessive caffeine may sabotage the antioxidants’ effects.

What  Green Coffee Can Do for You?

Recent studies have shown that coffee beans contain phenolic acid, a type of polyphenol, which is an antioxidant found in natural plant sources. This antioxidant is found to have cancer-fighting and antidepressant properties. Apart from these benefits, it can also give you the following:

Cleaner Arteries – In a study published in the medical journal Heart, an experiment was conducted on 25,000 people who drank three to five cups of green coffee regularly. The findings show that the coffee drinkers were less likely to have calcium deposits in their arteries than those who drank none or more than the controlled amount.

Lower risk of multiple sclerosis – Published by the American Academy of Neurology, a study was conducted between the connection of green coffee consumption and multiple sclerosis. The findings conclude that people who consumed four to six cups a day had lower odds of getting multiple sclerosis.

 A Healthier Brain – Drinking green coffee is linked to the production of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. It triggers the release brain-derived neurotrophic factor, thus turning brain stem cells into new neurons.



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