Why Green Coffee is Gaining Popularity Day by Day?

Whether sipped early morning to get you out of bed or downing a cup with a late-night dessert, you’ll have to agree that there isn’t a more universally loved hot beverage than green coffee. Taste is a personal thing, so it’s never right or wrong. But the perfect cup is all about choosing the right beans.

The coffee bean has an adventurous life. They are actually seeds enclosed in a red berry. These are extracted and roasted that lends the incredible taste and aroma. When left in their raw form, they are used to produce green coffee. These seeds are not roasted; instead, they’re soaked and then concentrated in an extract. “As natural is the flavor of the season, green coffee gets its share of the limelight but in some cases, roasting brings out certain oils within the bean, which enhances the nutrient profile. In its pure form, green coffee has a low caffeine content which makes it healthier,” says Mr. Radhakrishnan, Coffee planter and Coffee powder manufacturer, Aromas of Coorg, Bangalore. It’s true. This masterpiece in your mug can do more than make an optimist out of you.

The extract of this miracle beans contains chlorogenic acid which must be the main compound that helps you boost your metabolism, therefore, check the quantity of chlorogenic acid in your supplement before you buy it. Normally 30-50% chlorogenic acid is considered to be right to suit effective weight loss. If your supplement simply reports that it contains chlorogenic chemical p but hides the details it’s possible that you should go for another brand that gives you the details.

Why is Green so good?

Green bean coffee extract became popular in 2012 after it was mentioned in the Dr. Oz show as a ‘magic weight- loss cure’. When roasted, coffee beans undergo numerous chemical changes. Their antioxidant levels increase, but the powers of a natural substance called chlorogenic acid decrease. This chemical is known to affect post-meal blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, curb carb absorption and block fat accumulation – all of which aid weight loss. The chlorogenic acid content is higher when coffee beans are in their pure, natural form.

For some, drinking brewed green coffee may not be pleasant as it is slightly bitter than your regular, roasted coffee and therefore the extract is often used to make supplements. While pills and powders have never convinced me, the jury is still out.

“Green coffee might have a hand in slowing the rate of glucose release in our blood. If they are consumed before your meal, the chlorogenic acid reacts with the food and controls the amount of glucose we synthesize. This way it builds your metabolism that can lead to weight loss when coupled with a balanced diet and adequate physical activity. Everything is best when taken in its fresh and whole form as the synergy between various compounds present in the food makes it the most effective,” says Dr. Rupali Datta, Chief Clinical Dietician at Fortis-Escorts Hospital in New Delhi.

Just when all the hype about green tea was nearly subsiding, there rose another news sensation in the world of health and fitness – Green Coffee. The term must have perplexed you, but it’s just silly. You must have also heard that these are the new miracles for weight loss and such. Now, let us simplify it for you.

  • The brown colored coffee that we generally consume is composed of roasted coffee beans, whereas in case of green coffee, the beans are not roasted.
  • Coffee beans contain chemical compounds called chlorogenic acids, which have anti-oxidant value (Thus, lowers blood pressure, initiates weight loss, etc)
  • Roasting the coffee beans reduces its chlorogenic acid content, thus reducing the useful effects otherwise present in the green coffee beans
  • Both normal coffee and green coffee contains caffeine.
  • Federal Trade Commission or FTC has sued companies for pronouncing green coffee as a “miracle” for weight loss because more research needs to be performed on that.
  • Since green coffee beans have anti-oxidant compounds, it is likely to higher the metabolism, thus promote the process of weight loss.
  • Green coffee is also particularly useful for diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and bacterial infections.
  • Green coffee is thus simple coffee beans that aren’t roasted, thus helping it restore many nutritional and medicinal properties.
  • Green coffee is also easy to make- just brew them in hot water and filter through a sieve, and you’re good to go. However, since green coffee is not roasted, it has grassy, woody and acidic undertones to its taste, unlike normal coffee.

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