What is the Science Behind Green Coffee?

Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, making the US the leading consumer in the world. Where ever you go, coffee shops seem to be on every corner. The rich coffee smell that floats out of a shop invites all who walk by to take a break inside the comfy little store. Coffee is the fuel for people that are thirsty for an extra shove of energy. Coffee is the magic potion for all sleep-deprived students. To some, coffee is a drink of refreshment that their taste buds enjoy. To others, coffee is essential to life.

Different types of coffee are brewed from different use of coffee beans, which tend to take on flavor characteristics that have been affected by geography and topography. There are many choices of coffee beans, ranging from Colombian dark roast to Italian light roast. The type of coffee bean used determines the type of coffee that is brewed. Most people enjoy coffee with cream and sugar, but there are always some brave people out there who enjoy coffee as it is: plain black.

What is Green Coffee?

Green Coffee is sourced from unroasted coffee beans. Rejecting the roasting process helps to preserve compounds called chlorogenic acids.

Chlorogenic acids are often removed during the roasting process of coffee produced for drinking because of their bitter taste, but are abundant in green coffee and credited with many of its beneficial effects.

What does Chlorogenic Acid do?

Physicians have described chlorogenic acid as a “triple threat” ingredient. For starters, it causes the body to quickly burn glucose (sugar) and it also causes the body to burn fat. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, chlorogenic acid causes the body to slow down the release of sugar into the bloodstream. Why is this last point important? Well, it’s simple. If sugar isn’t building up in the bloodstream, fat isn’t building up either. Always remember that sugar turns to fat. Period.

Green Coffee and Weight Loss

The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee is said to help reduce the absorption of sugars in the digestive tract. This means that if you are someone that just cannot resist the occasional high carb treat – bread, pasta, biscuits etc. – Green Coffee could help to reduce the impact this will have on your diet.

Don’t get me wrong – it will not allow you to eat whatever you like and still lose weight.  But it would help you to enjoy a little bit of what you fancy, without the negative impact!


The good news is that this medical research has actually been tested on humans. In 2012, Dr. Joe Vinson performed a double-blind study at the University of Scranton to help study the health benefits of pure coffee bean extract. The result? Dr. Vinson found that the chlorogenic acid contained in the pure green coffee reduced the body’s natural absorption of glucose and also lowered the hyperglycemic peak.


With all this considered, Green Coffee could offer weight loss support to someone trying to follow a reasonably low carb diet, alongside some exercise – as it should help to support their efforts and improve weight loss and fat burning.

If you do decide to try Green Coffee to support weight loss, however, make sure the product is manufactured with high quanlity, as this will ensure it has a low caffeine content and is the form with all the research data behind it.

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