Top 7 Scientific-Based Health Benefits of Green Coffee

Scientists have just reported striking new evidence that green or unroasted, coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight in a relatively short period of time.

Other names of green coffee beans include Arabica Green Coffee Beans, Coffea bukobensis, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Coffee Powder, Raw Coffee, Coffea canephora, Coffea canephora, Robusta Green Coffee Beans, etc. Green coffee beans generally refer to the unroasted or raw coffee beans of Coffea fruits. The roasting procedure of coffee beans decreases quantities of the chemical chlorogenic acid. Thus, compared to roasted, regular coffee beans, green coffee beans contain a higher chlorogenic acid level. Green coffee beans contain quinides, lignans, chlorogenic acid, and trigonelline so that they are a wonderful remedy for many health and beauty conditions.

1. Higher Antioxidant for Protection Against Disease

While roasted coffee beans do contain antioxidants, a large portion of antioxidant content is lost during the roasting and brewing process. Green coffee has been found to contain a much higher antioxidant content.

In fact, according to studies, green coffee bean extracts carry a score of 2,500 or higher on the oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC scale. This measures the food’s ability to bring about a reduction in oxidative stress, which arises from aging, stress, dietary deficiency, exposure to chemicals, and other factors.

Notably, if you compare green coffee beans to an equal quantity of oranges or blueberries (by weight), the green coffee beans score 2,500, while the blueberries score 10 and oranges come in at just 3 on the ORAC scale!

2. Lower Bad Cholesterol Level

Green coffee help to keep cholesterol levels in check. Deadly cardiovascular disorders are caused by bad cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoprotein). According to some studies, you can easily prevent bad cholesterol levels by drinking green coffee frequently.

3. Control High Blood pressure

Hypertension can lead us to some fatal diseases such as stroke, chronic renal failure, heart failure, etc. Luckily you can reduce high blood pressure by drinking green coffee regularly. This is because they contain a very powerful and active aspirin-like ingredient, which has a positive impact on the blood vessels. According to a study, green coffee has a great effect on mildly hypertensive subjects.

Patients supplemented with around 140 milligrams of green coffee daily demonstrated reduced blood pressure, according to a 2006 study published in “Clinical and Experimental Hypertension”. In fact, green coffee is an effective and safe way to decrease high blood pressure without leaving any side effect.

4. Boost Energy

You can use green coffee as a great energy booster because they contain a high amount of Chlorogenic Acid. They have the ability to lift the level of energy and keep us active all the day.

5. Act As A Natural Detoxification

Green coffee work as a natural detox because they can remove toxins, unnecessary fats and bad cholesterols from the liver. Green coffee boosts up the detoxification of xenobiotics because of their glutathione S-transferase compound, which serves as a catalyst to help carcinogens to bond. The carcinogens & other harmful agents are removed from the body when bonded to the enzymes. As a result, the functions of the liver improve a lot to boost the metabolism and enhance the overall health.

6. Burn Extra Fat

Green coffee is full of essential vitamins and minerals, which maintain the levels of nutrients in the body. So, it boosts the burning metabolism of the body to burn out unwanted fat & calories quickly. According to another study, the green coffee can be used as a weight loss supplement. For this purpose, take the Green Coffee (400mg) three times every day, for 30 minutes before meals.

7. Enhance Immune System

Green coffee is very beneficial for promoting the immune system. Besides, they have the capacity to remove all types of toxic & damaging elements from the body since they consist of potent free-radical busters. As a result, you’ll attain a blemish free skin, which is radiant and without pimples and acne.

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