Is Green Coffee a Perfect Superfood for Weight Loss?

Okay…technically Green Coffee isn’t a food, but when we consider its fabulous contributions to your health and weight loss, we couldn’t deny it a spot on our superfood list. Eastern cultures have recognized the health benefits of green coffee for centuries. Not only is it calorie and caffeine-free, but green coffee is also an outstanding source of antioxidants and Chlorogenic Acid and has been shown to help prevent and fight cancer. Discover tasty ways to add this “superfood” to your meal plan with some of our best Greenbrrew Green Coffee, and learn more about the health benefits of this healthful beverage below.

What is Green Coffee?

Green Coffee, put simply, is the coffee bean or seed that when deliberately unroasted appears green. It has been used in many different ways in the past and now is most commonly found as an extract in weight loss products. Its extract contains many polyphenols called hydroxycinnamic acids with the main one being chlorogenic acid. This acid is said to contribute towards effective weight loss. Green Coffee is now generally consumed in supplement form using its extract rather than as a hot beverage like with regular roast coffee. This is because its coffee beans have a bitter taste so would taste better roasted. Consuming it as a drink would also not provide the same amount of chlorogenic acid as a supplement would.

Green Coffee for weight loss

Even though the roasted bean coffee you regularly drink contains a fair amount of antioxidants and caffeine, it lacks the crucial weight loss compound chlorogenic acid. This compound helps to boost metabolism allowing you to burn more calories and fat quicker. When it comes to weight loss, bean extracts of this coffee can be seen as an effective solution. Where brown coffee involves a lot of processes which destroys the key ingredients, Green Coffee Extracts is produced organically, making it safe for consumption even on daily basis. This is why this specific coffee diet has become so popular.

Can Green Coffee be unhealthy?

It can be a healthy option and have unroasted coffee is a safe and effective way of losing weight alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise regime. Also when you are choosing a Green Coffee bean extract supplement you need to ensure you are choosing the best product on the market. In addition, you should not exceed the recommended dosages as it contains bad for your health and stomach. It is recommended to consult your doctor before starting your weight loss regimen with this coffee bean extract especially if you are pregnant, suffering from high blood pressure, have heart disease or diabetic. Children under 18 should always avoid it.

While taking weight loss supplements, you should always combine them with a regular exercise program and a healthy diet. This will help to achieve the optimum weight loss results. Lastly, the result of using this coffee supplement also depends on the quality of its extract. So, it is advisable to choose a good brand which uses high-quality green coffee powder and produces supplement from unroasted coffee beans in a completely organic manner.

3 Reasons Why Green Coffee is a Superfood:

1. Green Coffee is a Cancer Fighter

The antioxidants found in green coffee, called catechins, have been shown in laboratory studies to slow the effects of free radicals on cancer cells. Catechins reduce the size of tumors, and they may even cause cancer cells to die instead of allowing them to grow and spread. Now, that’s a superfood!

2. You Can Lose Weight with Green Coffee

The combination of catechins and powerful antioxidants found in green coffee work together to help your body fight fat and burn more calories. Plus, green coffee is absolutely calorie free!

3. It’s Easy to Add Green Coffee to Your Diet

The best way to enjoy all that green coffee has to offer is to drink it regularly—approximately 2-3 cups per day. 

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