Is Flavored Green Coffee Good for Health or Not?

Coffee is a big part of everyone’s day. For many people, they start off their early morning routine with a big cup of their favorite flavored coffee. This is actually a good thing because, for many individuals, coffee is the single largest source of antioxidants in their diet, outranking both vegetables and fruits. 

Coffees are flavored differently depending on the spice or plant that is used. Some flavors are extracted from the plant itself. Other flavors are mimicked in a lab. The flavor component is isolated and then reproduced. This is why some coffees are identified as having "natural and artificial" flavoring.

But the question is flavored Green Coffee is still good for health or not?

1. Coffee Has More Flavor Potential Than Wine

If your coffee is fresh, organic, and free of imperfections it will blow your taste buds away. How? Because if coffee is taken care of, it will release the power of 800 naturally occurring chemical compounds. To give you some perspective, the wine has only 200 flavor compounds. Coffee is packed with flavor — you just have to treat it right.

2. Freshness Is Key

Protect your coffee experience with fresh coffee. Coffee loses its flavor within the first few weeks after roasting. To give you some perspective, grocery store coffee is on average 3 months old due to the logistics of transportation and distribution. Protect your coffee flavor by only buying coffee that’s been roasted fresh within the past few days. But the good news is Green Coffee is unroasted and quite natural in all possible ways.

3. The Soil Must Be Nutrient Rich

A little-known fact about coffee is how it gets its flavor. Coffee draws its flavor from the minerals and nutrients stored in the soil. The soil replenishes its nutrients and minerals naturally when a variety of plant life is grown together. That’s one reason why we only roast coffee that is shade-grown. It simply improves the soil quality and therefore the flavor.

4. Country of Origin Also Plays a Role

The coffee tree is affected by the climate and elevation of the coffee’s country of origin. The higher the elevation the better. The more tropical the climate the better. The combination of soil type, climate, and elevation all combine to give you 800 chemical compounds that makeup coffee’s complex flavor.

5. Choose Organic Green Coffee

Yes, the brand quality and type of coffee matters. Organic, fair-trade coffee may be hard to find, but that’s why Greenbrrew Natural Coffee is here. We offer consumers the high-quality, fair-trade, organic coffee you want at a price that’s right. If you choose to forego the natural and organic coffee available to you, you could end up ingesting coffee that’s been sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and various toxins that were never intended for human consumption. This is the main reason we highly recommend you choose to drink organic green coffee as often as possible.

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