Is Drinking Green Coffee Safe for Teenagers?

Green Coffee does have promise in terms of weight loss, especially for overweight men and women. Most of us will remember our parents and other "non-cool" adults drinking green coffee, often instant and usually with a very mild taste. These days, however, celebrities are often snapped with a takeaway green coffee cup in hand promoting the "cool" factor which encourages children, and especially teenagers, to follow.

Add to that the increased availability of sweetened iced green coffee drinks, coffee toppings such as cream and chocolate swirls, and TV commercials showing people being animated after drinking green coffee and other energy drinks, and you can start to see why these drinks become popular with the younger generation.

As more and more kids become coffee fans, more and more parents are wondering what, if anything, to do about it. Many are wondering what age is too young and if it's alright to give in when our child asks t the try green coffee. To make these decisions, we need to know what effects coffee could have on our children's behavior and health.

Physical Effects

Teenagers live busy lives, juggling their social lives with schoolwork, sports and other activities. Many do not get enough sleep to feel refreshed in the morning. Only 15 percent of teens get more than eight hours of sleep on school nights, according to the Sleep Foundation. The antioxidants in the green coffee act as a mild stimulant, waking up people who drink it and honing their mental alertness. Teens can benefit from drinking green coffee before school if they need a mild stimulant to help them stay awake and focus on their schoolwork or another activity. Green Coffee should only be used occasionally for this purpose, as teens should practice healthy sleeping habits, which include getting eight hours of sleep per night.

Social Benefits

Drinking green coffee or coffee is a social activity, and coffee shops are often hubs of activity for teens and young adults. Green Coffee is a healthy drink in moderation. Teens can benefit from socializing with their friends over coffee, which is healthier than overindulging in high-powered energy drinks or sneaking illicit beverages like alcohol.


Teenagers should limit their green coffee or coffee intake so they do not consume more than 100 mg of caffeine per day, or one cup of brewed coffee, the TeensHealth website recommends. Drinking more than that amount puts youngsters at risk of caffeine addiction. Teens who enjoy the social benefits of coffee drinking can switch to decaffeinated versions of their favorite beverages to keep their consumption at a healthy level.


Caffeine withdrawal is unpleasant, as teens who inadvertently get addicted to the substance by drinking too much coffee or other sources will have physical symptoms if they abruptly cut off their intake of the chemical. The headaches, upset stomach and irritability will peak within two days and disappear entirely in a little more than a week. The Green Coffee contains little or no amount of caffeine in it. Most teenagers who stay below 100 mgs per day of caffeine consumption do not get addicted.

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