How Many Cups of Green Coffee Per Day is Good For You?

Coffee may have reserved its place as a healthy beverage, but green coffee is touted as the wonder drink for weight loss. Green Coffee has magical antioxidants that boost metabolism and promote fat loss. Drinking green coffee has also been shown to suppress appetite. While there are several other reasons to drink green coffee every day, you may wonder if one cup alone can provide you the benefits.

According to well-known nutritionist Priya Kathpal, 4-5 cups of green coffee in a day is enough to promote weight loss. It can provide an optimal dosage of metabolism boosting minerals like manganese, chromium, and zinc. A journal published by the University of Maryland Medical Centre also claims that 4 cups of green coffee daily will provide you with the sufficient dose of weight-loss promoting compounds.

However, do not rely on green coffee alone to lose weight. It can only bolster your weight loss efforts. You need to complement it with a calorie deficit diet and proper exercises.

Two Cups of Energy

Boost your metabolism! Two cups of green coffee provide optimal dosages of important minerals like manganese, selenium, chromium, and zinc. However, it has also been proven to prolong norepinephrine, the fat burning accelerating hormone.

Boost your motivation to workout! Green Coffee also contains theanine, an amino acid, which has been shown to boost alertness. Unlike caffeine, theanine doesn't cause the jitters. Theanine can also help increase your brain's dopamine and serotonin levels. These neurotransmitters help the body and brain with correct behavior, cognition, memory, learning, motivation, mood, appetite, and sleep, They also help with a voluntary movement which can keep your mind positively on your muscles.

Scientific studies have shown that just 30 minutes after drinking two cups of green coffee, the endothelia cells that line your circulatory system dilate. In turn, your arteries and veins relax which allows proper blood flow and nutrient assimilation. Endothelial dysfunction can be reversed with drinking just two cups of green coffee per day.

How Much to Drink?

There's no specific intake guideline for green coffee, and even research into green coffee’s benefits doesn't paint a clear picture of exactly how much you should drink each day. Several studies into green coffee’s benefits actually use green coffee extract, not the actual coffee, while other studies use large quantities of coffee that aren't practical for most people. As a result, you should drink the amount of green coffee you're comfortable with, rather than aiming for a specific intake goal each day.

If you're drinking lots of green coffee daily, stay mindful that it does contain Chlorogenic Acid—up to 63 milligrams per cup. Drinking more than 10 cups of green coffee daily might have side effects, especially if you have an underlying condition, like liver disease or heart problems. For the most part, though, any moderate consumption is probably fine – so grab a mug and drink up.


  • Drinking four or more cups of coffee per day could lower your risk of colon cancer by 15 percent.
  • Drinking two to three cups a day could reduce your risk of developing Parkinson’s by a quarter.
  • Having at least four cups a day may lower your risk of depression by 20 percent.
  • Drinking three cups a day may reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by 20 percent.
  • Three cups a day may cut your risk of liver cancer in half.
  • Drinking six cups a day could have been shown to lower the risk of skin cancer by 31 percent.

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