Green Coffee: Effective and Beneficial Sources of Antioxidants

(Greenbrrew Green Coffee) While most in society believe that coffee is bad for health this is only a half-truth. Green coffee has become one of the top selling weight loss products on the market.

Green coffee has been the subject of many recent studies and manufacturers claim it is a wonder drug for weight loss. The supplement, which is high in Chlorogenic Acid, has shown to have a variety of other health benefits. 

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are compounds that are most commonly associated with fruits and vegetables, particularly in foods like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Antioxidants are particularly significant because they have the potential to decrease some types of damage that occurs within cells.

  • Antioxidants target free radicals, which are single electrons formed in some reactions that involve water.
  • Free radicals are highly reactive and have the potential to start chain reactions. These reactions can often be damaging, such as causing harm to cell membranes and to DNA
  • One of the key issues is that free radicals have been linked to aging. Some research suggests that some of the negative outcomes of aging, such as decreases in energy, may occur as the result of free radicals, indicating that antioxidants may have the potential to extend life.
  • Likewise, antioxidants are also believed to play a role in the prevention of heart disease and strokes, although research into this area is still ongoing.

There are many individual antioxidants out there. Some are more effective than others. They also vary in their reactions within our bodies. Polyphenols are one class of antioxidants that you'll find - and there are various compounds within this group.   

As a result, the best health benefits come from getting a wide variety of antioxidants. Green Coffee offers many of these - and drinking coffee is already a habit for many of us. 

Does Green Coffee Have Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are actually present in a number of prepared drinks, including tea, coffee, and cocoa. Of all of these beverages, the antioxidant activity is highest for green coffee per cup. The addition of hot or cold water increases the activity of the antioxidants.

The level of antioxidant activity was actually found to be higher in green coffee than in traditional roasted coffee. However, this was only the case when the green coffee was unroasted, meaning that this observation is irrelevant to a cup of coffee.

It might be surprising to think of coffee as having antioxidants because it is perceived as unhealthy, but the drink does come from a plant originally, and coffee beans do have significant bioactive compounds.

In fact, research has consistently indicated that the regular consumption of green coffee can decrease the likelihood of death.

Like many natural products, we simply do not know what it is about coffee that produces all of its health benefits. This isn’t unexpected, because coffee beans contain a large number of biochemical components, and we do not know what all of these are or how they interact with one another or with the human body.

How Do Antioxidants Help To Support Weight Loss?

  • Toxins produced by the body are stored in fat cells inside our body. The body holds on to the fat cells as a defense mechanism to keep the body from being assaulted and flooded with toxins. Toxins slow down body’s metabolism and it becomes difficult to lose weight even if you are eating less.
  • Toxins also affect the brain cells and can interfere with hunger control and hormone regulation such as management of blood sugar.
  • Antioxidants equalize the free radicals and help to exclude the toxins from the body. This helps every cell in the body to function more efficiently in dealing with waste, hereby,  improving Antioxidants also make the fat cells reduce their production of triglycerides.

Final Thoughts

It's clear that green coffee is much more than a treat and an energy boost. The drink is a great way to get more antioxidants into your diet. It can also promote many health benefits especially weight loss - perhaps even making you live longer. 

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