5 Things that make Green Coffee Perfect for Weight Loss

Green coffee is the latest and newest name in the natural weight loss section and has been garnering a lot of positive reviews from those who have taken it for losing the excess weight. But is this the only side of the story or there is something more that you need to know before you start relying on green coffee for your weight loss goals. Let's identify what exactly this green coffee is? what are facts associated with it? is it really good for weight loss? And what are its other potential health benefits?

Coffee beans are actually green seeds inside a bright red berry. Roasting them turns the seeds brown and creates the characteristic aroma and flavor coffee lovers crave. To create green coffee bean extract, the seeds are left unroasted. Instead, they’re soaked and then concentrated to create the extract.

When coffee seeds or “beans” are roasted, their antioxidant levels increase, but one natural substance called chlorogenic acid decreases.This chemical is thought to block fat accumulation, boost weight loss, curb carb absorption, and help regulate post-meal blood sugar levels. In addition, green coffee does not taste or smell like coffee, a supposed benefit for those who don’t enjoy java. Here give you 5 things that make Green Coffee perfect for weight loss.

Green coffee bean in the form of supplement is always better than the pure form: This may sound weird, but the truth is that green coffee is always more effective than the beans in pure form. The compounds present in green coffee are effective for weight loss. The consumer may be required to take about 800 mg of pure green coffee bean extract daily in order to meet up with the dosage requirement of Chlorogenic Acid. Hence, the pure form of bean extract would not suffice to this need and only the supplement would serve the purpose.

Diet and exercise are must along for accelerated weight loss: The metabolism boosting properties of green coffee would help you through some weight loss but when you are looking for magical results or weight loss on fast track, then you would require diet and exercise clubbed with it. The green coffee will double the effect of weight loss but you may put in extra efforts for sure as just having green coffee would not offer you accelerated weight loss.

This will offer other health benefits too: If your target is only weight loss then you may think again as your aim should be healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss is different from just weight loss as when you opt for healthy weight loss, you are actually getting younger body, skin, and hair. Green coffee contains antioxidants that offer you lots of energy that will help you withstand the substantial weight loss. 

 You don’t need to starve anymore: Yes, you definitely need the supporting weight loss regime but that doesn’t mean that you need to starve.The strict diet practices are not the part of weight loss carried out with green coffee. You can have food of your choice with little consciousness towards the portion. The Chlorogenic Acid will absorb only some amount of carbohydrates from the digestive tract and hence make the consumed food less harmful. The appetite suppressing properties are also found in green coffee, thus you won’t feel starved even after consuming a small portion of food.

 No side effects, but pregnant women beware!: There are no proven side effects except some common issues like nausea, headache, and loss of appetite experienced until your body gets acquainted with the new regime. The pregnant women may still avoid this or consult a doctor before taking it as they cannot afford to lose weight at this stage.

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